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For brands that demand quality, safety, and reliability, there is no compromise. Get Verified®.


Some vaping devices are designed for use with tobacco products and they feature custom wound coils designed to soak up low-viscosity vape juices and transform them into inhalable mist.  Unfortunately, these cartridges aren’t ideal for thicker viscosity oils and herbal extracts often sold at dispensaries.

At Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers, we offer access to a wide selection of high-quality Wholesale vaporizer cartridges that are designed to suit the needs of your particular clientele.  Our products guarantee an enjoyable experience without having to mix products to a lower viscosity or risk compromising performance and taste.  Natural oils can be enjoyed just as they are.


Superior Craftsmanship with Verified® Cartridges

Ceramic atomizers have revolutionized the vaping industry, delivering a safe, efficient, and reliable alternative to traditional wick systems.  At Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers, we proudly partner with reputable manufacturers like Verified® to deliver products ideal for use with thick oils.

Every Verified® cartridge we offer delivers superior craftsmanship and optimal performance.  Both glass and resin Verified® cartridges offer durability thanks to erosion-resistant materials and construction.

Porous ceramic delivers ideal absorption of extracts, and cartridges are able to withstand high temperatures and offer chemical resistance under acidic or alkaline conditions.  You simply won’t get the same quality and appeal with a CCELL cartridge.

Although there is a lot of hype around CCELL cartridges, AVD cartridges are superior in a variety of ways.  Every AVD cartridge offers reliability and longevity, as well as quality manufacturing that addresses common issues like leaking, unvaporized oils, and more, ensuring that customers get the performance and use value they deserve.  What can you expect when you choose AVD cartridge products from Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers over competing CCELL cartridges?

The Verified® Cartridge Guarantee

No matter which AVD cartridge model your customers prefer, they’ll get the performance and reliability this brand is known for.  We also offer an array of Verified® mouthpieces and batteries to pair seamlessly with every Verified® cartridge.

If you’re seeking premium cartridges at competitive prices, you’ll get the quality you expect from Verified® products, with less than 0.001% failure rate.  The average CCELL cartridge just can’t compete.


What are Vape Cartridges?

Over time, it became clear that inhaling smoke could be harmful to the lungs, whether people were burning tobacco or other plant-based products.  It wasn’t until recently, however, that an alternative appeared in the form of vaporizer technology, giving retailers and customers alike the opportunity to benefit from wholesale vape cartridges and pens.

These products consist of a number of pieces, including disposable or rechargeable batteries, the atomizer that houses the batteries and heating elements needed to transform oils into inhalable mist, and of course, the cartridges, or vessels, that hold botanical oils, as well as the mouthpieces that attach to them.  Cartridges may or may not come pre-filled with oil, and some are refillable, providing cost savings, while others are disposable for user convenience.

At Wholesale Ceramic Vapes, you’ll always find superior cartridges and other products at competitive rates, so you can keep customers satisfied while passing along the savings from purchasing bulk vape cartridges.  Profitability starts with finding affordable prices, but you also have to make sure that consumers receive the quality and value they expect, and our careful vetting process ensures the very best products for retailers and their customers.

How do Oil Cartridges Work?

As you may have guessed from the name, wholesale vaporizer cartridges are designed to transform botanical oils into a vapor, or mist, that can be inhaled.  This means consistently heating the oils to a set temperature (300-450 degrees Fahrenheit), based on the viscosity of the fluid.

It’s no easy task to accomplish, which is why it’s so important to use the right tools for the job.  Retailers are focused on finding the best products for the best pricing so they can deliver the incredible value consumers prefer, providing affordable wholesale cartridges that are designed to deliver consistent performance and lasting appeal.

Oil cartridges are typically made of polycarbonate plastic (resin) or glass to preserve the flavor of oils, as well as allow users to see how much product remains in the tank.  Cartridges generally hold 0.5mL or 1mL of fluid, although other sizes are available.  These sizes are convenient in that they allow for extensive use before a refill is required, although it will depend on the frequency of use and the size of puffs, which differ by user.

Benefits of Purchasing Wholesale Vaporizer Cartridges

As a retailer, you naturally want to purchase products that provide the safety, efficacy, and value your customers expect, without compromising your budget or forcing you to pass along excessive costs.  The good news is, you can meet all of your goals when you purchase wholesale vape cartridges from Wholesale Ceramic Vapes.

First and foremost, you’ll always enjoy superior products.  We go the extra mile to research and select manufacturers that meet our high standards for performance and safety.  We look for the lowest fail rates, as well as products that preserve flavor and provide consistent results.  At Wholesale Ceramic Vapes, we make it our mission to do the heavy lifting when it comes to high quality at competitive rates, so you can trust that you’re getting the best wholesale vape cartridges on the market.

In addition to streamlining your purchasing process by vetting manufacturers on your behalf, we’re able to offer affordable pricing through bulk sales.  When you know you’re buying the premium vape cartridges that will keep your customers happy and coming back for more, there’s no reason not to purchase wholesale so you can save even more, and pass those savings along.

Not all wholesalers are created equal.  You need a partner that goes the extra mile to ensure you’ll enjoy the greatest value, with exceptional products at competitive rates.  Wholesale Ceramic Vapes proudly meets and exceeds your expectations when it comes to premium vape cartridges

Performance Bulk Vapes

The inherent downfall of traditional vape pens that feature wicking coil designs is that performance can suffer when more viscous oils are used, particularly when the user vapes quickly, triggering a burning taste.  This problem will never occur with high-end ceramic vaporizers, thanks to ceramic heating elements that won’t degrade in the same manner.

Dispensaries are naturally concerned with ensuring that their products meet and exceed expectations, delivering the quality their customers expect and deserve.  Unfortunately, you may find yourself relying on third-party tools to act as a delivery system.  You not only need proper hardware – you need the best quality at an affordable price.  With Wholesale vape cartridges from Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers, you can choose the perfect tools to offer your customers and ensure a positive experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Reputable Brands for Wholesale Vape Cartridges

At Wholesale Ceramic Vapes, we proudly partner with a range of renowned manufacturers like iKrusher, Verified®, and more to deliver premium bulk vape cartridges that meet the needs of consumers.  We carefully curate our roster of brands to include only those that offer the highest quality products at competitive pricing.  We know it’s important for you to choose products your customers will love at affordable rates, and we go above and beyond to select partners that meet these exacting standards.

iKrusher aims to create innovative vape products powered by their lauded iKonic ceramic technology, with premium cartridges that are customized to deliver oil potency, longevity, and smooth heat distribution.  Verified® offers high quality, lead-free cartridges that exceed North American testing standards for heavy metals, and deliver outstanding performance with both thick and thinner oils.

Wholesale Ceramic Vapes is committed to delivering only the highest quality cartridges, with materials and features that ensure superior performance and safety.  With affordable pricing for bulk cartridges, you can pass along quality products to your customers at competitive rates.

Lasting Materials that Ensure Quality and Longevity

One of the hallmarks of quality when it comes to oil cartridges is the materials used to make them, and the many brands we partner with at Wholesale Ceramic Vapes are known for utilizing a range of safe and effective materials.  For example, many of our vape cartridges feature a ceramic core that preserves the purity of your oil to deliver full flavor profiles every time.  This porous material absorbs the oil so that it never touches heating elements.

Some cartridges have pure quartz coil technology that operates at low temperatures to ensure that consumers enjoy every flavorful terpene, with no lead or other contaminants.  Whether you choose Verified® BPA-free quartz glass casing that works well with both thin and thick oils or you opt for the strong construction of a Verified® resin casing, for example, you’ll enjoy incredible performance, longevity, and safety when you purchase bulk vape cartridges from Wholesale Ceramic Vapes.

Customizable Bulk Vaporizer Cartridges

Quality, performance, and safety are among the most important concerns when choosing wholesale cartridges for your customers, but at Wholesale Ceramic Vapes, we know customization is equally important.  Every consumer has individual needs and preferences, and we’re happy to help you accommodate them with a wide range of options for customization, including cartridges and mouthpieces.

Not only do we offer cartridges with different casing and coil materials, designed for use with different oil products, but we provide a variety of mouthpieces to ensure that every customer has the opportunity to find the options that deliver the ideal mouthfeel and performance.  Select metal, ceramic, and plastic materials, depending on what your customers prefer, with flat, round, or bullet configurations.

Some are designed to work with glass while others pair with resin, and we’re pleased to offer cartridges to suit every performance preference, from popular Verified® glass or resin cartridges, to the glass iKrusher AC1003, with its solid ceramic rod coil.  There’s no shortage of customization options when you purchase bulk vape cartridges and mouthpieces from Wholesale Ceramic Vapes.

Benefits of Different Oil Cartridges

While all wholesale vape cartridges are essentially designed with the same purpose in mind, you’ll find that different products are better suited to different uses.  For example, Verified® cartridges in both glass and resin are designed to deliver superior performance, regardless of whether thick or thinner oils are used.

The precise engineering of Airistech QCell Quartz Coil technology ensures flavor preservation, thanks to thermal operation at low temperatures.  The CL2 E-Cap No Oil Waste Cartridge delivers on the promise of its name, thanks to a top-fill design that ensures easy refill capability.  You’re sure to find the products perfect for the needs and preferences of every customer when you order in bulk from Wholesale Ceramic Vapes.

A Wide Selection of Bulk Vape Cartridges

Vaping is a personal experience, and as such, it should be customizable.  Dispensaries work hard to provide a selection of quality oil products, and when you partner with Wholesale Ceramic Vaporizers, you can also offer an assortment of high-end cartridges customized to suit the needs of diverse clientele.  With a wide range of exceptional products from top manufacturers like Verified® and Liberty, we ensure bulk vape cartridges that will perfectly complement your quality oil products.

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