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CCELL® DS0105 0.5ML Glass Soft Touch Disposable – Black Qty 100

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The CCELL™ DS0105 is a all-in-one, inhale activated disposable that shares the same patented CCELL™ atomizer as the cartridge line. This disposable offers exceptional performance and high viscosity extracts, all while providing a clean taste, not to mention it has the LOWEST failure/leak rates!

Additional Information:

Dimensions: 10.5mm x 10.5mm x 94mm
Material: Glass, Stainless Steel
Style: CCELL®
Features: All-in-one unit includes disposable battery and cartridge
Coil Type: CCELL® Ceramic
Use With: Concentrates (vape)
Built-in Light Indicator: 200mAh, 3A, 1.3ohms